About Us

Add your company logo to edgy designs that speak the language of the industry or let our Z-MUD creative team create custom graphics specifically for your company with NO ADDITIONAL ART FEES!. Z-MUD.COM is a partnership between Dawn Armato-Brehm and her concrete construction husband, John (Brehm), owner and operator of Zayic Concrete, Inc., which specializes in Agricultural, Commercial, Residential and Decorative concrete construction. Dawn, a long-time graphic designer, discovered the need for creating custom graphics to market companies on high-vis apparel after brainstorming with concrete guys to design art they are proud to wear. 


Z-MUD.COM creates art for screen printing and embroidering on OSHA compliant, high-vis safety apparel—The clothing required on many job sites. Low-vis street apparel also available. Oversized artwork is used when possible (14" wide, and or 18" tall). Exceptions includes class 2 and class 3 garments due to the size limitations of the reflective material required. Z-MUD is Located in Detroit Lakes Minnesota and services customers across the US and Canada. If you would like more information email: info@z-mud.com or call: 218-849-8082.